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MPL 600 Series


MPL / Switches & Sensors 600 Series

The MPL 600 series provides options for robust and flexible SPDT snap action switching, with set points from 1.5 in/H2O to 45 PSI. The SPDT micro switch adds a positive action with a mechanical differential from on to off.


MPL 600 Series switches offer pressure or vacuum sensing which combines the features of the MPL 500 Series with snap action switching for higher current capacity, SPDT contact form and switch dead bands (also referred to as mechanical differential or hysteresis). Miniature size and low cost make the MPL 600 Series ideal for OEM applications.


Applications Include:

Pressure and vacuum sensing with snap-action switching for higher current capacity, SPDT contact form and switch dead bands.

  • Medical Equipment
  • Appliances
  • Pneumatic Equipment
  • Automation
  • Air Proving


  • Operating Pressure:
    • Pressure: 1.50 in/H2O to 45 psi
    • Vacuum: 4.0 in/H2O to 14 psi
  • Operating Temperature: -40° to 85° C (-40° to 185°F), depending on components. Consult factory.
  • Body: glass-filled polyester
  • Electric Rating: 0.1A at 125 VAC to 25 A at 125 VAC
  • Burst: 50 psi
  • Mechanical Life: Over 1,000,000 cycles
  • Electrical Life: depending upon application
  • Form: SPDT, SPNO, SPNC
  • Diaphragm: polyurethane, fluorosilicone, EPDM, Teflon®, and other materials available
  • Weight: 18 grams (MPL 600); 24 grams (600-V); 45 grams (MPL 604)
  • Snap Switch: UL & CSA listed, wide selection

Features & Benefits

  • Customer Engineered Solutions
  • Wide Variety of Pressure Medium
  • High Current Capable
  • Fixed & Adjustable Set Points
  • Normally Open/Normally Closed
  • Single Pole/Double Throw
  • Historically Proven Reliability

Custom OEM Solutions

Product design and customization has been a core service at Micro for over 50 years. With broad multi-industry experience, Micro is tested and trusted by the world’s most experienced and demanding OEMs
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